CASSOC advocates and provides superb academic, career and Christian lifestyle mentoring services before, during and after school admission for their members. The all-round mentoring continues even when members get into Canada.  Parents/Guardians are also able to get regular feedbacks from CASSOC about progress and general welfare of their children through the CASSOC portal. CASSOC receives regular updates on developments in the Canadian education sector from the provincial government and other stakeholders, and delivers this vital information to our members especially students and parents. We are passionate about specialized Godly mentoring for teenagers and young adults traveling to Canada for academic purposes. CASSOC is home away from home for all her members in Canada. We will also provide referral services and guidance to members on a wide range of matters relevant to their academic and career pursuits. Alumni, parents and other partners may also seek advice of the organization on other matters pertaining to studying or living in Canada. As stated in our constitution, we shall provide integral voluntary academic, career and Christian lifestyle mentoring services alongside free Canadian school admission aids to our members interested in schooling in Canada. We shall groom our candidates for a lifestyle of Holiness, Selflessness and Humility as exemplified in Christ Jesus; and also establish a life-long relationship with our members so that each one fulfills their God-given destiny.


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