Christian Academic Scholarship Society of Canada (CASSOC)

CASSOC is an independent, non-political, interdenominational, Christian, Not-For-Profit, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a membership that is open to individuals interested in schooling in Canada. We offer free school admission advice to all members, sponsor the Canadian education of qualified students and provide mentoring services to all our student members.

We are registered under the Canada Not-For-Profit Act with Corporations Canada and our Corporation Number is 1195815-1. We have four of our Directors based in Ontario, Canada and our fifth Director is based in Nigeria. We specialize in providing scholarships to selected teenagers who are successful in CASSOC Scholarship examination and Interview. One object of the NGO is advocating the need for and providing specialized Godly mentoring (and custodianship/homestay and admission aids) for teenagers and young adults schooling in or traveling to Canada for academic purposes.

CASSOC is governed by the Board of Trustees and registered as incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria with the certificate of incorporation CAC/IT/NO: 127389 in line with the Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, CAP C20 L.F.N 2007.

The core aim for which the CASSOC was established is to provide Scholarship, integral voluntary academic, career and Christian lifestyle mentoring services alongside free Canadian school admission, student custodianship and homestay aids to any interested young adults especially teenagers who are interested in or schooling in Canada.

Below are some of our Certificates of Incorporation/ Registration documents:

We are certified and registered in Canada as a Not-For-Profit Organization and also certified by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria to govern her affairs. The organization, CASSOC has the core aim of providing Canadian Academic Scholarship and also integral voluntary academic, career and Christian lifestyle mentoring services alongside free Canadian school admission aids to individuals who are interested in or schooling in Canada.

To achieve her objects, the constitution further empowers CASSOC with the mandate which include the following:

1.)   To offer Scholarship and funding to selected student members from families that cannot afford Canadian education via contributory scholarship fund or voluntary donations or both.

2.)    To provide integral voluntary academic, career and christian lifestyle mentoring services alongside free Canadian school admission aids to our members interested in schooling in Canada

3.)    To grant insights concerning low-cost educational opportunities in Canada and also scholarship and immigration information, thereby helping interested members gain admission into the Canadian Schools of their choice based on budget, academic backgrounds and social needs of our candidates.

4.)    To create awareness about the need for and provide specialized Christian mentoring for members traveling to Canada for academic purposes.

5.)    To groom our members for a lifestyle of Holiness, Wisdom, Power, Selflessness and Humility as exemplified in Christ Jesus.

6.)    To establish a life-long relationship with our members so that each one fulfills their God-given destiny.

7.)   To ensure that our students receive proper educational support that will promote their academic excellence in Canada

8.)   To Support by providing all-round mentoring for our members through our screened and registered mentors.

9.)    To provide free pre and post-admission guidance and counseling to our members and satisfy their enquiries to make informed schooling decisions for themselves.

10.)    To keep tabs on the well-being of our admitted student members academically, spiritually, socially, financially, career-wise and medically as well as assisting them emotionally, acting as a viable home away from home; preventing cultural shocks, making them feel comfortable and granting easier access to whatever will enhance their success in Canada.

11.)    To eventually establish at least a school in Canada and Nigeria that will specifically cater deeply for members who desire a strong combination of academic excellence and solid Christian up-bringing.

12.)    To do other lawful things necessary to achieve any of the above objectives.