Step 1: Online ACCOSAM Membership Registration to generate a unique Student ID number.

Students join the ACOSSAM by a way of membership registration which entails filling personal details, payment of little token membership registration/subscription fees and optionally uploading passport photo at this stage in order for the system to generate a unique ID number for each student, provides login credentials to student dashboard on the membership portal thereby grants privileged access to a world of opportunities and benefits.

Step 2: Gaining access to Schools’ Details & Selection

Students, being able to login with their unique system-generated ID number, make a choice among schools listed in categories, clicks each category of schools to view more details about individual schools and finally make some school selection.

Step 3: Submission of School Admission Documents

Students will then upload all required admission documents including downloaded PDF application form and possibly requested additional documents of chosen the school(s) with exactly school-demanded application fee online, as applicable.

Step 4: Offer of Conditional Admission & Possible Acceptance.

Conditional Pre-Admission letter in the PDF format directly from the school will be forwarded to students who are free to either decline or accept the admission(s).

Step 5: Payment of the Permissible Least School Fees

In case of acceptance of the admission, students pay school fees directly to the school through the link of such school OR through the ACCOSAM for onward transmission to the school depending on what individual schools want or parents/guardians prefer. Note that all payment made to /through the ACCOSAM either for NGO membership or the schools/partners are automatically issued system-generated receipts, carrying ACCOSAM’s name and logo.

Step 6: Issuance of Admission Confirmation Letter for Visa Processing

Upon receipt of school fees by the school, admission confirmation letter will be forwarded to the students for visa application .Students can decide to process visa independently for themselves or through ACCOSAM.

Step 7: Possible payment of miscellaneous fees

Only if applicable, students pay miscellaneous fees which covers health insurance, transportation, accommodation, feeding and custodianship through the ACCOSAM by selecting the valid option(s) on the payment platform for onward transmission to the particular school. Note that all payment made to /through the ACCOSAMeither for NGO membership or the schools/partnersareautomatically issued system-generated receipts, carrying ACCOSAM’s name and logo.

Step 8: Flight Booking by Students

Students book fight for themselves and notify us.

Step 9: Arrival in Canada and enjoy ACCOSAM Full mentoring/Custodianship/ Homestay Services

Students arrive in Canada at least one week prior to lectures for orientation and complete academic registrations and begin to fully enjoy all components of ACCOSAM mentorship, covering Spiritual, Welfare, Health, Immigration, Career and Academic mentoring as well as Custodianship/ Homestay administrative services.