Why should I become an ACCOSAM mentor?

As an international mentor you play an important role in helping international students settle into school life and Canadian everyday life. Being a mentor gives you the chance to meet students from all over the world and get to know new friends. Being an international mentor is really fun and its reference also seen as a plus to your qualifications and experiences.


  • – Are you willing to volunteer as a (n)  (i) spiritual mentors (ii) academic  mentors (iii) Health mentors (iv) welfare mentors (v) immigration mentors and (iv) careers mentors?
  • – Are you an enrolled high school/college/university student, a graduate or postgraduate with at least one year stay in Canada, or a school teacher/staff from or in a Canadian school?
  • – Or you are a successful career professional/graduate in a relevant profession/occupation residing or having trained in Canada?
  • – Or you are a pastor/Christian minister or an individual with good Christian testimonies and fear of God?
  • – And you are willing to do the following:
    1.  I. Attend ACCOSAM induction training and sponsored programs
    2. II. Serve on a volunteering basis.
    3. III. Communicate electronically or physically with your mentee at least three times a month
    4. IV. Take initiative in prayer and devotion
    5. V. Refer any mentees having difficulties to appropriate institutional services and resources subject to ACCOSAM’s approval.
    6. VI. Lead responsibly with honesty and integrity
    7. VII. Honor confidential information exchanged in the mentor/mentee relationship.
    8. VIII. Accept constructive feedback and notify the ACCOSAM’ management of any extenuating circumstances that interfere with performing Mentor duties

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor and meet the above criteria, then, click HERE to APPLY ONLINE.

  • For more information, please send an email to

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