CASSOC Scholarship (2021 Edition) Window opens on January 15, 2021 and closes on April 15, 2021;

subject however to a VALID student membership registration-open any time of year and renewable on the join-date anniversary basis.

A membership registration/renewal is VALID for only one edition of CASSOC Scholarship selection assessment including CBT ( among other membership benefits. )



In this inaugural edition, only candidates from all nations/continents of the world who register as CASSOC student members and participate in this year 2020 annual scholarship assessment Computer-Based-Test (CBT) can qualify for one of our scholarships. Student members in Canada and Nigeria will have the opportunity of doing their scholarship CBT assessment at one of the seven (7) options; comprising 6 CBT Exam on-site locations and the remotely supervised online platform, being the 7th option, as approved by CASSOC. Student members in other countries outside Canada and Nigeria shall take their own assessment only via the remotely supervised online platform.




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