Services ( Basic Custodianship) ACCOSAM Student Membership Package (Premium Custodianship) ACCOSAM Student Membership Package
Academic Performance Advisory YES YES
Career Guidance YES YES
Health Promotions YES YES
General Issues YES YES
Welfare Concerns YES YES
Immigration Support YES YES
Admission Advisory YES YES
Pastoral Support YES YES
Online Community Membership YES YES
Phone Contacts YES YES
Financial Issues YES YES
Employment Solutions YES YES
Parental Feedback Process NO YES
Accommodation/Homestay NO YES
Emergency Care & Issues NO YES
Deeper Christian Discipleship NO YES
Academic Progress Tracking NO YES
Periodic Visitation NO YES
Discounts On Immigration Application NO YES
Discounts On Admission Processing NO YES

To make it easier for students and parents( in case of  teenage students) to decide, ACCOSAM gives you freedom of choosing and upgrading between two custodianship-inclusive membership packages for international students attending any type of schools in Canada.

Basic Custodianship

$ 500 annual membership subscription fee

Basic Custodianship service, which is an integral component of ACCOSAM student membership benefits, is designed for international teenage or young adult students. This entails arranging the necessary documents required by the Canadian immigration authorities, in order to assist the students with coming to Canada.

 In this package for teenage students, ACCOSAM custodianship is the advisor on school matters, the feedback channel for the schools, and an academic monitor on behalf of the parents.

Premium Custodianship

$1,000 annual subscription fee

ACCOSAM premium Custodianship service is a considerably giant stride in addition to Basic Custodianship. It is designed for international college and university students as well as parents who wish to fully govern their sons’ and daughters’ overseas living and studying arrangements. Apart numerous students membership and immigration advantages, the ACCOSAM premium custodianship not only monitors the academic progress of the student and provides regular requested parental feedback process, but also provides effective comprehensive support in matters of everyday life.

Integral to ACCOSAM student custodianship is a homestay programe. As a student custodianship, arranging your homestay and screening/finding/monitoring a suitable homestay family for you to stay with is one of the things that ACCOSAM will do for you. Find out more about homestay and benefits of living with a homestay family here.