I want to school in Canada but I cannot afford Canadian education?

We have four different types of scholarship depending on the level of your financial need. Those who have NO money for Canadian education should select FULL-RIDE-SCHOLARSHIP (FRS) option. However, cut-off mark for FRS is usually higher than other types of scholarship.

Do you accept students only from certain countries?

We accept students from all countries.

Is the scholarship for only Christians?

No, Scholarship is for all Student-members (irrespective of religion)  of CASSOC who scored above the stipulated cut-off marks in the scholarship assessment, passed the interview, meet the terms and conditions of the scholarship and willing to be mentored in the way of Christ using the Holy Bible.

What are the benefits of being a student member?

Access to Full Canadian Scholarships , Guaranteed Admission, Discounted Visa processing, All-Round Mentoring, Networking possibilities with teenagers and young adults in Canada, Helpdesk answers from CASSOC Staff members and Custodianship and Home-stay in Canada if required.

As a parent, can I visit my children in Canada?

Yes, It is possible. You will need to apply to Canadian Immigration office.

Why is it risky to send my teenager to Canada without CASSOC?

We have four directors who are based in Canada, who are able to provide all-round mentoring for our student-members. We render Spiritual mentoring, academic support, emotional intelligence, career guidance, and immigration counseling to our teenagers. These teenagers will definitely have an advantage in succeeding in Canada and also in living Christ-like lives.

Is it possible to meet one of your Directors?

Yes, based on appointment either at our Canadian office in Ottawa or Nigerian office in Lagos. Appointment can be requested by sending an email to us.

Canada is a very cold country. Please how can one cope?

Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world. Dressing warm, having good accommodation and adhering to current weather warnings especially during the 5 winter months is usually the trick.

What is the best way to contact CASSOC?

Send Email to info@cassocfoundation.org

How will donations toward CASSOC be utilized?

Donations to CASSOC are usually delegated towards sponsoring qualified student members from trusted Orphanages.

What’s the consequence of registering after CASSOC’s annual deadline?

You will be a student member who is eligible for all student-membership benefits but you won’t be able to participate in the scholarship assessment until the following year.

Briefly describe the components of the CASSOC Scholarship assessment

It is a computer-based-test. Three areas to focus on are: Basic Mathematics, English Fluency and Extensive Biblical Knowledge. Extensive Biblical Knowledge is 40 percent of the exam, while Basic Mathematics and English Fluency are 30 percent each.