For Students:

You live in a new home, so please try to make connections with your host family members. If you do not know how to use an equipment, ask for instructions. You are expected to have your own computer (laptop), but if you want to use host family’s computer, ask their permission, the best time that you can use it and how long you can use it. If you want to make a phone call to your home country, you will need a phone card. Ask your host family how to buy and use a phone card.

Try to limit your use of host family’s phone as this is for their use. You can buy a cell phone or if you are using host family’s phone, check for the best time you can use it. You will eat your breakfast at home. You will be provided with a light lunch (usually a sandwich with drinks and snacks).

In Canada, dinner is the main meal and it is served with all family members. It is a good idea to let your host family know that you are late for dinner so that they can save your meal and they can eat on time. If you would like to bring a friend home, check with your host family first. You are not allowed to bring a friend of an opposite sex to your bedroom. Ask your host family when to take a shower and how to use the laundry. If you have any problem that you cannot discuss it with your host family, please contact ACCOSAM emergency phone line.

For Host Families:

Homestay is an opportunity for people of different languages and cultures to live together and learn together. This is a great opportunity to share your culture with international students and learn from them as well. In order to have the best host family experience we ask you to read and follow these instructions:

Remember you are not renting a room, you are accepting another family member, so please be patient and try to understand your student’s culture and habits. You need to show your student how to go to his/her school, how to use public transportation and the location of shopping centers, post office, library and the areas’ attractions. Please click here for more details on homestay host responsibilities & Requirements