How Mentoring Works


The ACCOSAM mentoring programme has been designed out of a concern to help salvage a perilous situation of the growing number of teenagers and young adults coming to Canada annually for world class western education but who get lured into secret sins, habitual abominations, unruly behavior, sexually and other immoral tendencies with associated academic and career underachievement due to the wind of  excessive freedom that civilization offers in Canada, by helping them gain requisite counseling, knowledge, skills and values through our all-round mentoring services and concurrently helping them secure suitable school admission and homstay placements, custodianship and easier access to whatever will enhance their success in Canada. The program is targeted at young adults with the interest in Canadian education as well as drive and passion to achieve academic excellence and create their marks in their chosen careers. It is the very essence to becoming a member of the ACCOSAM family.

What is ACCOSAM mentoring?

Mentoring in the ACCOSAM context is a relationship between a senior or more experienced professional, academic, minister or student with certain values and accomplishments worthy of emulation (volunteer mentor) and a less experienced, mostly junior student with a desire to learn and improve certain areas of their academic, career, professional and personal development (student mentee).

The volunteer mentor, as an experienced individual, shares knowledge, experience, and advice with his or her less experienced student mentee. Our Mentors who are screened and trusted advisers as well role models have been there and done that before. They strive to support and encourage their mentees by offering suggestions and knowledge, both general and specific, as needed to help them advance their academic and career development.

At ACCOSAM, the mentoring program involves highly accomplished leaders or seniors with a desire to give back to the society by mentoring teenagers and young adults who are interested in Canadian education and aspire to accomplish extraordinary feats.

ACCOSAM has a pipeline of mentoring wherein every student mentee enjoys lots of a set of six (6) mentoring sections, namely;(i) spiritual (ii) academic  (iii) Health (iv) welfare (v) immigration and (iv) careers.

Our goal is to foster academic success, career excellence, Godly lifestyle and spiritual growth in the Christian journey of our student mentee members and provide them free admission aids into Canadian schools of their choice, as well as afford mentors the rare opportunity of reappraising and advancing their personal and professional development by impacting aspiring young adults through a structured mentoring program.

Mentoring stages:

A typical ACCOSAM student mentee enjoys superb free mentoring in three stages: (i) pre-admission/pre- arrival mentoring (ii) in-dmission mentoring (iii) post- admission mentoring.

Our Student mentees can receive mentoring/advice/counseling on topics ranging from academic advice, career advice , Godly living, which include:

  • – Holiness, selflessness and meekness of Christ Jesus
  • – University/College/High School application processes
  • – Custodianship
  • – General career/industry/profession advice
  • – Financing your education
  • – Interview advice/practice
  • – Time management/study skills
  • – Transferring
  • – Hostel accommodation/Homestay
  • – Canadian Immigration Status: student permit, work permit, permanent Residence and Canadian citizenship


ACCOSAM allows individual mentors to use their knowledge, experience, and creativity to help all student mentees, while giving them the flexibility to choose whether they want to have virtual or in-person mentorships or both.

ACCOSAM Membership Online Platform

We have a mentoring application platform where rightful individuals from all backgrounds, skill sets, experiences, levels and locations can connect. Our website application offers mentor and mentee coordination, mentor-mentee relationship management, mentor task tracking, mentor effectiveness reporting, student evaluation feedback, career progression suggestions and a lot more. All stakeholders such as student mentees, volunteer mentors, parents/guardians, ACCOSAM alumni, sustaining partners and ACCOSAM staff have respective dashboards and granted login access credentials to play various roles. Student mentees are the primary target around whom other stakeholders are centered. Click here for the membership portal.

Students and Mentors Both…


Apply online (student mentees with membership registration fee and mentor with NO payment)


Get activated on the platform  while successful applications and profiles are coordinated.


Get matched with ideal mentors or vice versa.


Work toward achieving their goals!


Submit their brief monthly assessment reports to ACCOSAM.

The one-on-one mentoring allows you to discuss your career aspirations or concerns and helps prepare you for the transition from high school or university to work.