Canada has become one of the most favorite destinations for students who desire international education. Many Fraudsters are capitalizing on this need to swindle many desperate students. We have also noticed the high financial cost that many agencies charge applicants who want to study in Canada. CASSOC provides solutions to these situations and we also offer more by providing scholarship opportunities  and mentoring to all our Student-members. It is very instructive to also note that CASSOC is fully Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant and registered.

CASSOC is a Blessing to this current generation.  Every valid CASSOC member is a beneficiary. As a member, you have access to 7 groups of tremendous and priceless benefits:


1. Access to Full Canadian Scholarships

The days of saying I cannot afford to study in Canada no longer exist. Your student membership and your comparative performance on CASSOC Scholarship assessment and Interview can pay off the cost of studying in Canada. This opportunity is available to all student members who meet certain additional requirements. As a Student Member of CASSOC, you will be given an invitation to CASSOC Annual Scholarship Examination. The examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT) which covers Basic Mathematics, Basic English language proficiency and Core Biblical Knowledge.


2. All-Round Mentoring- Virtual Internationally and Face-to Face in Canada

CASSOC advocates and provides superb academic, career and Christian lifestyle mentoring services before, during and after school admission for their members. The all-round mentoring continues even when members get into Canada.  Parents/Guardians are also able to get regular feedbacks from CASSOC about progress and general welfare of their children through the CASSOC portal. CASSOC receives regular updates on developments in the Canadian education sector from the provincial government and other stakeholders, and delivers this vital information to our members especially students and parents. We are passionate about specialized Godly mentoring for our student members traveling to Canada for academic purposes. CASSOC is home away from home for all her members in Canada. We will also provide referral services and guidance to members on a wide range of matters relevant to their academic and career pursuits. Alumni, parents and other partners may also seek advice of the organization on other matters pertaining to studying or living in Canada. As stated in our constitution, we shall provide integral voluntary academic, career and Christian lifestyle mentoring services alongside free Canadian school admission aids to our members interested in schooling in Canada. We shall groom our candidates for a lifestyle of Holiness, Selflessness and Humility as exemplified in Christ Jesus; and also establish a life-long relationship with our members so that each one fulfills their God-given destiny.


3. Networking possibilities with international students in Canada

 Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool for people especially career-oriented individuals. Knowing and connecting with the right people gives you greater access, facilitates the sharing of vital information, and makes it easier to influence each other for tremendous progress and desirable advancement. Networking will help develop and improve skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in Canadian opportunities, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, and partners, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster career development. CASSOC provides a forum and platform for all membership categories especially students to exchange ideas, ask questions, seek support and update their knowledge on contemporary and future educational and other-related developments in Canada.


4. Guaranteed Admission

CASSOC provides advice to members on Canadian school placement options especially depending on individual career choice. We provide free pre and post-admission guidance and counseling to our members and satisfy their inquiries to make best informed schooling decisions for themselves. CASSOC grants its members insights concerning low-cost educational opportunities in Canada, thereby helping interested members gain admission into the Canadian Schools of their choice based on budget, academic backgrounds and social needs of our candidates.

5. Discounted Visa processing

With all the different immigration policies and laws in place, knowing what to apply for and how to apply can be confusing. It is good to know that you can enjoy Huge discounts with CASSOC if you decide to liaise with our assigned Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to guide you through the process of your immigration. CASSOC is a Not-For-Profit organization and CASSOC members pay comparatively low fees for all forms of immigration applications to Canada. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are legally authorized representatives and members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Our assigned consultant is specially trained, qualified and intimately familiar with Canadian immigration policies. Having an RCIC to assist you in applying for your Canadian visa can greatly simplify your application. You will be appropriately guided as you transition from being a student to obtaining a work permit in Canada, then proceeding to Permanent residency and eventually becoming a Canadian citizen.


6. Helpdesk answers from CASSOC Staff members

The Staff members of CASSOC shall offer continual support to other members via our online portal. Staff members are the go-to people for providing assistance and support related to pre-admission, admission and post-admission challenges. We are responsible for answering queries and addressing issues in a timely and professional manner so that students can become all that God wants them to be. Staff members work with all students to ensure Academic excellence, career success and spiritual revival. Do not hesitate to seek for assistance; we will be here for all members.


7. Custodianship and Home-stay in Canada if required

We perform legal charitable custodianship aids to enhance students’ experiences in Canada. Based on the permission of individual parents, the CASSOC Board of Directors can act as a second Parent to all students below the age of 18years. It is actually risky sending a teenager to Canada without us. Most People want their children to live Godly, be morally upright, perform excellently in their academics and also make wise decisions at critical junctions. That’s why we are here. We offer custodianship to our Student members and also liaise efficiently with their Parents/Guardian irrespective of where they are. Students can choose between living in CASSOC dormitories, arranging their own accommodation or doing Homestay. None of these choices stops us from mentoring a student or being a custodian to them.

Click below for more of other membership benefits 

  • Parents will be able to call and email CASSOC concerning the welfare of their children with prompt response assured.
  • Login credentials to the CASSOC web platform for parents to monitor the progress of their underage children from anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time monitoring of teenage students’ and their mentors’ activities from afar.
  • Communication flow between parents/guardians, schools and CASSOC via email /chat.
  • E-mail or SMS notifications on students’ fees, performances, and activities in school.
  • Etc
  • Offering career networking opportunities.
  • Promoting tighter engagement with CASSOC members and staff.
  • Providing alumni with volunteer opportunities that lead to fulfillment
  • Providing  extra value to their existing affiliation with CASSOC
  • Opportunities to give back to the society, etc.
  • Being a CASSOC representative member is really fun but is also seen as an added value to your profile/ Resume
  • Provides intrinsic satisfaction by helping an emerging professional develop to his/her potential.
  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity, valued by employers.
  • Increase your circle of friends.
  • Gain recognition for your skills and experience
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfillment and personal growth
  • Increased patience and improved supervisory skills
  • Develop leadership and management qualities
  • Contributes to the representative’s own personal and professional growth.
  • Professional distinction as someone who can serve as an example and role model for others.
  • Enhancement of coaching, leadership, management, and guidance skills.
  • Sense of Fulfillment & Connection
  • Financial rewards will be given for certain services
  • Etc
  • Experiencing great fulfillment in the knowledge that you have a part in supporting all the great scholarship programs and activities, the Christian Academic Scholarship Society of Canada (CASSOC) has to offer.
  • Access to CASSOC Portal and track your donations/sponsorship
  • Access to be a part of CASSOC sustaining members’ online community
  • Discounts: All CASSOC shop items are discounted to sustaining members.
  • Occasional invitation to submit articles to for consideration in the CASSOC blogs, newsletters or magazines
  • Opportunities to give back to the society through sponsoring education of the less privileged orphans and providing relief to the tuition financial burdens of others
  • VIP access to special CASSOC exclusive events
  • Possible recognition at CASSOC events, on the website, and in CASSOC publications
  • Eligible to receive a thank you gift according to your giving level each year, etc.