The following are guidelines for persons (groups) aspiring to become members of the ACCOSAM:

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(I)        Student Mentees/protégées:

(1.1)        This membership category shall consist of prospective or existing students especially teenagers from any country of the the world who are interested, able and seeking admission into Canadian schools.

(1.2)        International students already enrolled/admitted into Canadian schools and still interested in the mentoring programs of the organization would also be accepted as mentees/protégées.

(1.3)        Students Mentees can be any national  or African teenagers or youths most preferably within the age bracket (13-19 years) and must possess valid international passport, intellectual and financial wherewithal as well as parental consent to school in Canada.

(1.4)        Student Mentees are required to remain open and teachable to the advice and guidance of their mentors and also to participate in ACCOSAM sponsored programs.

(1.5) One becomes an ACCOSAM student mentee member upon payment of membership registration/suscription fee payable before membership admission and only in subsequent years, annual membership subscription dues payable from the second year till when the student wants his/her membership of this category cease.

(5.1.7) The payment of one-time registration fee and initial membership subscription shall qualify every candidate for both benefits of free admission aids into any Canadian school of their choice and all charitable mentoring and custodianship/homestay support and referral services for the academic year in question.


2.        Mentor Members;

(2.1)        Membership as mentors of the organization shall be on a volunteering basis, subject to satisfactory assessment and certification by the organization which has the power to accept or decline application for such, and shall be of various types such as: (i) academic mentors (ii) career mentors (iii) spiritual life coaches, (iv) Health mentors, (v) Immigration mentors, (vi) Custodian/Go-To Mentors.  

(2.2)        Any qualified and interested individual may apply and be admitted for any one, two or more of all  types of mentors at the same time as in the sub clause 2.1 above.

(2.3)        Academic mentors shall be defined as an enrolled high school student with at least one year stay in Canada, college student, graduate or post graduate student or a school teacher/staff from or in a Canadian school.

(2.4)        Career mentors shall be successful career professional/graduates in relevant professions/occupations residing or having trained in Canada.

(2.5)        Spiritual life coaches shall be pastors/Christian clergy or individual with good Christian testimonies and fear of God. Health mentors are registered and qualified health professionals, while immigration experts/cunsultants are accepted as immigration mentors.

(2.6)        Other requirements are that mentors must (be)

  1. 1. Attend one-day ACCOSAM induction training and sponsored programs
  2. 2. Willing to serve on a volunteering basis.
  3. 3. Meet with assigned student Mentees at least three times a month.
  4. 4. Take initiative in prayer and devotion
  5. 5. Refer any mentees having difficulties to ACCOSAM or appropriate institutional services and resources with approval of ACCOSAM.
  6. 6. Lead responsibly with honesty and integrity
  7. 7. Honor confidential information exchanged in the mentor/mentee relationship.
  8. 8. Accept constructive feedback and notify the ACCOSAM’ management of any extenuating circumstances that interfere with performing Mentor duties.


(3)        ACCOSAM Alumni;

(3.1) All the ex- student mentees/ protégées of the organization irrespective of the duration of mentorship shall automatically belong to this non-voting membership category.

(3.2) ACCOSAM Alumni may volunteer to serve as mentors through application and/or make donations to promote the objectives of the organization.


(4)        Parents/Guardians;

(4.1) These are non-voting members by virtue of having their wards/children as current or prospective mentees/protégées of the organization.

(4.2) Parents/guardians shall automatically qualify for this category  through payment of membership registration/subscription token fees of their wards/children on the basic level or paying periodic administrative fees / making VOLUNTARY donations or both to enjoy additional higher level benefits. A couple has to agree on whom to be the representative or contact parent on the basic level.


(5)        Sustaining Partners;

(5.5.1) This membership shall be available to only individuals (individual Partners) or groups (Corporate partners) who may prefer to not serve or participate as a mentor or mentee but desire to be part of the organization while contributing to the goal and mission of ACCOSAM.

(5.2) These are non-voting members by virtue of voluntary donations to the organization.

(5.3) Potential interested sustaining partners sign up to activate their membership through first voluntary donations to the organization simply through online payment or cover letter accompanying their donations in kinds, cheques or cash.


(6)        Custodians/Homestay Families

Custodians/ Homestay families are responsible adults or/and host families screened and approved by ACCOSAM  based on Canadian guidelines upon application, with legal permission  to provide accommodation for or act in place of a parent  of international young students who come to Canada to study without a parent or legal guardian.