Membership of the organization shall be open to willing individuals who subscribe to our terms and conditions, and are ready to enjoy and promote the aims and objectives of CASSOC, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees and applications for membership must fulfill attendant requirements as detailed in the membership requirements section.

We specialize in helping our student members with Canadian Academic Scholarships and CASSOC student membership registration is a prerequisite to accessing our Canadian school scholarships and sponsorship, mentorship, Canadian school admission processing and immigration aids, among other membership benefits.

We have 8 Membership types of which only staff membership  has voting  rights. They are:

Student member: Only Student members are eligible for our scholarships subject to CBT assessments and Interview. A Student member is someone who is interested in gaining School admission into Canada via our scholarships or self- funding options. Student membership is the major gateway into enjoying what CASSOC has to offer. There are main 7 membership benefits. Students who can sponsor themselves can also choose to become members of CASSOC so that they can equally enjoy our other benefits.  Click on Benefits of Membership to learn more and to become a member.

Protégée member  Protégée members are validly CASSOC-registered student members who have received their Canadian study permit, who reside in Canada and indicated interest in our face-to-face mentoring programs.

International member is a validly CASSOC-registered student member, who has received Canadian study permit, who resides in Canada but only wants to subscribe to our virtual mentoring program.

Alumni Member is a previous Protégée/International member who has completed their studies in Canada.

Parental member is a parent or guardian to any Student member, Protégée member or International member who is below the age of 18 years. Their membership is active as long as their ward is an active member and is below 18 years of age.

Staff members are simply trustees, directors and employees of CASSOC.

Representative member is a volunteer/ambassador who has been approved by the CASSOC Board and on-boarded to act on our behalf by carrying out certain responsibilities assigned to them in a territory outside Canada.

Sustaining member is a(n) individual or group who is desirous of voluntarily contributing to the CASSOC’s goal and mission by virtue of regular donations to the organisation. Donations can be done by means of online payment, cheques, bank drafts, and bank transfers.


A record will be kept of all participating Members. This record will be renewed annually at the discretion of the Board of the Trustees.

A person ceases to be a member of the organization;

(a) By delivering his or her resignation in writing to CASSOC.

(b) On his or her death or on dissolution

(c) On being expelled, or

(d) On having been a member not in good standing for 12 consecutive months.