Mentoring Benefits


ACCOSAM Mentoring programme is multi-faceted, involving Spiritual, Welfare, Health, Immigration, Career and Academic and other components. The supportive, healthy relationships formed between mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits for volunteer mentors, student mentees, parents and other stakeholders:

Benefits to Student Mentees

ACCOSAM Mentoring scheme for students entails the following benefits:

  • – Makes students feel wanted/valued by the institution and local community before and after their arrival in Canada by a role of a home away from the home.
  • – Helps them adjust to their local environment and settle in more quickly in Canada.
  • – Prevents cultural shock and homesickness.
  • – Easier access to a support system during critical stages of students’ academic and career development.
  • – Direct easier access to powerful resources within chosen course or profession.
  • – The foundation of a lasting professional and personal network.
  • – Encourages integration or engagement with other Canadian students, with the institution and with their local community.
  • – Avail students a different outlet for their questions, especially if they find it embarrassing or awkward to ask institution staff.
  • – Encourage friendships across year groups
  • – Increased high/graduate school graduation rates
  • – Lower high/graduate school dropout rates
  • – Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices
  • – Better attitude about school
  • – A lasting career network
  • – Higher institution enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations
  • – Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • – Improved behavior, both at home and at school
  • – Stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers
  • – Improved interpersonal skills
  • – Learn from the experiences of others
  • – Increase students’ social and academic confidence
  • – Develop students ‘communication, study and personal skills
  • – Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues
  • – Gain valuable insight into the next stage of academic career.
  • – Assists with job placement after graduation.
  • – Individual recognition and encouragement.
  • – Psychosocial support at the time of need.
  • – Students get access to a support system (Mentors) during the crucial stages of their academic, professional and intellectual development.
  • – Students get an insider’s perspective on navigating chosen career in the right channel.
  • – Students get an exposure to diverse academic and professional perspectives, and experiences in various fields.

Benefits to Mentors

Mentoring is more than the transfer of advice, knowledge and insights. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest their part- time in developing another upcoming professionals as well as the personal satisfaction of sharing their skills and experience with a willing learner. ACCOSAM Mentoring benefits mentors as much or more than it benefits your mentee as mentorship is a two-way street where both participants give and take, learn and grow; and enhance their professional skills. Specific benefits to the mentors are:

  • – Being an ACCOSAM mentor gives you the chance to meet students from all over the world and get to know new friends. 
  • – Being an international mentor is really fun but is also seen as an added value to enhance your CV
  • – Provides intrinsic satisfaction by helping an emerging professional develop to his/her potential
  • – Engage in a volunteering opportunity, valued by employers.
  • – Increase your circle of friends.
  • – Gain recognition for your skills and experience
  • – Benefit from a sense of fulfillment and personal growth
  • – Increased patience and improved supervisory skills
  • – Develop leadership and management qualities
  • – Contributes to the mentor’s own personal and professional growth.
  • – Professional distinction as someone who can serve as an example and role model for others.
  • – Enhancement of coaching, leadership, management, and guidance skills.

ACCOSAM Membership Online Platform

We have a mentoring application platform where rightful individuals from all backgrounds, skill sets, experiences, levels and locations can connect. Our website application offers mentor and mentee coordination, mentor-mentee relationship management, mentor task tracking, mentor effectiveness reporting, student evaluation feedback, career progression suggestions and a lot more. All stakeholders such as student mentees, volunteer mentors, parents/guardians, ACCOSAM alumni, sustaining partners and ACCOSAM staff have respective dashboards and granted login access credentials to play various roles. Student mentees are the primary target around whom other stakeholders are centered. Click here for the membership portal.

Students and Mentors Both…


Apply online (student mentees with membership registration fee and mentor with NO payment)


Get activated on the platform  while successful applications and profiles are coordinated.


Get matched with ideal mentors or vice versa.


Work toward achieving their goals!


Submit their brief monthly assessment reports to ACCOSAM.

The one-on-one mentoring allows you to discuss your career aspirations or concerns and helps prepare you for the transition from high school or university to work.