CASSOC Scholarship (2021 Edition) Window opens on January 15, 2021 and closes on April 15, 2021 |
OPEN TO ANYONE INTERESTED IN STUDYING IN CANADA – (from Ages 10 to 55 for Scholarships) |
7 Benefits of being a member of CASSOC: (1) Canadian Academic Scholarship based on Membership exam, (2) Free Admission processing, (3) Helpdesk access, (4) Discounted Visa and Immigration support, (5) Network with international students in Canada, (6) Mentoring virtually internationally and face-to face in Canada, and (7) Custodianship in Canada.

CASSOC is a prospective globally recognized provider of academic scholarship, school admission, student immigration support and Godly mentoring. We intend to embark on groundbreaking partnerships with organizations that will facilitate the achievement of our objectives.

We research and anticipate partnership agreements that will lead to the much-awaited prophesied spiritual revival that will sweep through Canada and the world over as we mentor future Josephs, Daniels and  Nehemiahs who will immigrate to Canada and usher God’s presence in various sectors of the Canadian economy, judiciary, institutions, education and politics and possibly replicate same internationally.  CASSOC invites well-meaning organizations who want to collaborate with us in the following areas:

  1. Churches and Schools that want to publicize and create awareness about CASSSOC activities.
    Become a Representative member
  2. Institutions/Individuals who want to provide CASSOC with groups of students to mentor in Canada.
    Become a Representative member.
  3. Organizations that want to offer periodic donations towards academic scholarship and/or Godly mentoring of Christian teenagers in Canada.

  4. Organizations that want to sponsor students to Canada via CASSOC.
    Sponsor an Orphan/Teenager
  5. OrganiZations, that are willing to offer discounts on necessary services to CASSOC.
    Contact us

Here are a few of our existing partners:

  • MLI Homestay, Ottawa, Canada
  • Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria
  • Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria
  • Canadian Immigration
  • Bonne Afrique Academic Services 

click on the link below if you want to partner with us

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