Canada has become one of the most favorite destinations for students who desire international education. Many Fraudsters are capitalizing on this need to swindle many desperate students. We have also noticed the high financial cost that many agencies charge applicants who want to study in Canada. CASSOC provides solutions to these situations and we also offer more by providing mentoring to all our Student-members and scholarship based on performance at our scholarship test.

Being a volunteer representative for CASSOC means you can help by creating awareness about our services so that less people are fraudulently duped by illegal Agencies that misrepresent what Canada stands for. You also become part of the team that publicizes low-cost opportunities for students who intend to study in Canada.

Becoming a volunteer representative is something we can all do, and with the flexibility of it, it makes it even more doable. Our volunteer representatives are the ones we go to first to help advertize and publicize our aims and objectives to local communities all over the world.

As a Volunteer Representative, we may subsequently need you to invigilate CASSOC Scholarship examinations and also do some minor miscellaneous tasks on our behalf. These additional duties of invigilation and miscellaneous duties may receive financial compensation.

When applying, we will ask you a few things to determine your suitability for this volunteer role. We will definitely want to know where you are currently located. We need volunteers in every country of the world.

You will also decide which area of CASSOC’s goals you are able to help with. These areas include:

  • Volunteer Advertisement and Publicity
  • Invigilation of Scholarship Assessment
  • Miscellaneous tasks
  • Mentorship for future volunteers

We will also ask if you are willing to have your photo and contact info on our site!  This will give more credibility to your assigned role whenever you represent us anywhere.

 Another perk of being a volunteer representative is that you will receive updates of what is new with CASSOC and our future goals, keeping you up to date with the organization you love.

Even though we are a Not-For-Profit organization, be rest assured that we recognize our entire volunteer representatives and we always look for ways to reward them in our own little ways. Your efforts are not taken for granted. We appreciate all that you do and we love you.