CASSOC Scholarship (2021 Edition) Window opens on January 15, 2021 and closes on April 15, 2021 |
OPEN TO ANYONE INTERESTED IN STUDYING IN CANADA – (from Ages 10 to 55 for Scholarships) |
7 Benefits of being a member of CASSOC: (1) Canadian Academic Scholarship based on Membership exam, (2) Free Admission processing, (3) Helpdesk access, (4) Discounted Visa and Immigration support, (5) Network with international students in Canada, (6) Mentoring virtually internationally and face-to face in Canada, and (7) Custodianship in Canada.

Canada has become one of the most favorite destinations for individuals who desire international education. Many Fraudsters are capitalizing on this need to swindle many desperate students. We have also noticed the high financial cost that many agencies charge applicants who want to study in Canada. Although Canada offers an indisputably world-class high-quality education and relatively cheaper tuition fees compared to other developed countries such as America, Australia and the UK, underprivileged international students yet lack the wherewithal to pay such tuition fees and even individuals and families who do not qualify as low-income can need assistance paying for tuitions. Very few parents are able and willing to pay full price for any college or school especially in a developed country. As a popular destination for international students with rich multiculturalism and an opportunity to remain in the country after graduation, there are lots of other challenges awaiting studying in Canada that require mentorship to become opportunities for academic success, career excellence and spiritual growth in the Christian journey and other benefits.

CASSOC provides solutions to these situations and we also offer more by providing scholarship opportunities and all-round mentoring to all our Student-members. CASSOC is a far charitable means of immigrating to Canada for Academic purposes. It is very instructive to also note that CASSOC is fully Anti-Money Laundering /Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/ CFT) registered and compliant.


Christian Academic Scholarship Society of Canada (CASSOC) is a Not-For-Profit Organization in Canada that is licensed to Offer Academic Scholarships to selected student members of the organization. In addition to the scholarship scheme, all student members enjoy free admission processing, supportive visa applications, Godly mentoring and more. CASSOC student membership also fosters the network of assistance between members both in Canada and abroad.

Christian Academic Scholarship Society of Canada (CASSOC) knows that this is the end-time as we eagerly await the return of our Lord and Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego immigrated and brought the presence and manifestation of God from Israel to Babylon.  Also Joseph immigrated and brought the Divine gift of interpretation of dreams to Egypt. CASSOC has an assignment to bring future Daniels, Josephs, Shadrachs, Meshachs and Abednegos to Canada from their different countries. CASSOC shall mentor such people into their God-given destinies and they will consequently bring true revival to Canada or return to bring the impact of their Canadian education and spiritual prowess to their respective countries.

You may be the future and anointed Engineer, I.T Specialist, Medical Doctor, publisher, Mathematician, politician, Journalist, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Project Manager, Pilot, Lawyer, e.t.c. that we are talking about.

CASSOC is ready and more than willing to sponsor students into Canada for students into Canada for Certificate/Diploma Studies. All student members requesting for scholarship will have to participate in a Scholarship assessment. This is a Computer-Based-Test (CBT) and will test Basic Mathematics, Basic English fluency and Deep Spiritual Knowledge about the Holy Bible in the ratio of 30%, 30% and 40 % respectively. To be awarded scholarship, you will need to score above the cut-off mark in the scholarship assessment, also pass your interview session and finally obtain a study permit in Canada.

The CASSOC Full Scholarship program is for a two-year post-secondary or postgraduate Diploma/certificates program at Colleges of Applied Arts and Science while the CASSOC Tuition-Discount scholarship program is for Pre-University/High school educational institutions in Canada.

CASSOC, out of the four, has three different Scholarship options in varying degrees for the two-year post-secondary or post-graduate programs at Colleges of Applied Arts and Science in Canada. The fourth scholarship option is a Tuition-discount Scholarship for students applying to get into High Schools or Pre-University education in Canada.

A:   Hence, in the CASSOC suite of four types of Scholarships, Student members interested in the funding options will need to indicate what type of scholarship they desire. They are:


1.)   The Full Ride Scholarship (FRS): The Full Ride Scholarship (C$ 65,000) covers both the School fees and also your living expenses for the 2-year education in Canada. This implies that the FRS takes care of virtually every expense related to your Education and Residence in Canada. The Scholarship Assessment cut-off mark for the FRS is higher. This is for two years of post-secondary or post-graduate education.

2.)  The Full Tuition Plus Scholarship (FTPS): In contrast, the Full Tuition Plus Scholarship (C$ 52,500) covers the School fees for the two-year education and also your living expenses for one-year in Canada. This implies that the student will be responsible for living expenses for only the second year (C$ 12,500). The Scholarship Assessment Cut-off marks for the FTPS is lower than FRS cut-off mark but higher than FTS cut-off mark. This is for two years of post-secondary or post-graduate education.

3.)  The Full Tuition Scholarship (FTS): The Full Tuition Scholarship (C$ 40,000) covers only the School fees for the two-year education. This implies that the student will be responsible for living expenses for the entire two years (C$ 25,000). The Scholarship Assessment Cut-off marks for the FTS is the lowest. This is for two years of post-secondary or post-graduate education.

4.)  The Tuition-Discount Scholarship (TDS): The TDS is for students applying to get into Secondary/High Schools or Re-University education in Canada. Successful student members shall receive a $5,000 tuition discount which will be deducted from their school fees.


CASSOC Full series of scholarship is primarily aimed at sponsoring selected students from families who cannot afford Canadian education for a two post -secondary program in Canada, while the Tuition –Discount Scholarship is basically to offer financial relief to students from families that can partially afford Canadian education.

Students need to take the scholarship assessment if they are interested in any of the scholarship options.

Doing the scholarship assessment is optional for student members who are not interested in our CASSOC scholarship and they are still entitled to all other student membership benefits. CASSOC will help process their admission while they take care of their school fees and living expenses either through CASSOC or their own alternative ways.

Student members who meet the qualifying cut-off marks will also pass through an Interview process with our CASSOC Coordinator in Canada before the scholarships are granted.

We mentor all our student members irrespective of whether they are able to get our scholarship or not. Mentorship is virtually accessible to all student members irrespective of their location internationally especially in Canada. Face to face mentoring is available in Canada for those who strictly want only this type of mentoring for their children.


B:   Take Note of the Following Terms and Conditions in Qualifying for the Scholarship Award:

1.)  You must be a student member of CASSOC ( from ages of 10 to 55) in good condition and must be able do your Scholarship Qualifying Examination as in No.2.) hereunder:

2.)  Please note that student members in Canada and Nigeria will have the opportunity of doing their scholarship assessment CBT at one of the 7 options; comprising  6 CBT Exam on-site locations and the remotely supervised online exam platform, being the 7th option, while student members in other countries outside Canada and Nigeria shall take their own assessment via the remotely supervised online platform.

3.)  For FRS, FTPS and FTS Scholarships, Candidates must not be younger than 15 years as at the time of Initial application.

4.)  For TDS Scholarship, Candidates must not be younger than 10 years as at the time of Initial application

5.)  For FRS, FTPS and FTS Scholarships, Candidates must have completed at least 5 years of secondary school education.

6.)  For TDS Scholarship, Candidates must have completed at least primary or elementary school education.

7.)  Parents/Guardian must fill or consent to your membership form if you are below 18 years old.

8.)  For FRS, FTPS and FTS Scholarships, Candidates must be able to produce at least Five O-level credits or A-level credits now OR at the end of the year in which you did the scholarship assessment. English language must be one of these credits.

9.)  For TDS Scholarship, Candidates Must provide evidence of completing primary/elementary education.

10.)  Scholarship award depends on student-member’s comparative performance in the scholarship assessment, interview and the cut-off mark for the type of scholarship chosen.

11.)  The scholarship assessment is a Computer-Based-Test (CBT) and will test Basic Mathematics, Basic English fluency and Deep Spiritual Knowledge about the Holy Bible in the ratio of 30%, 30% and 40 % respectively.

12.)  Any form of examination malpractice during registration, scholarship assessment and interview will disqualify the student member from receiving any form of scholarship.

13.)  Student members will need to accept their scholarship award within 10 working days, otherwise the scholarship shall be transferred to the next qualified student member.

14.)  Scholarship will not cover extra semesters, extra credits or extra academic year caused by student’s academic under-performance or program-transfer when the student arrives in Canada.

15.)  Students on FULL-RIDE scholarship do not need to pay a single dollar, but students on FULL TUITION scholarship or FULL TUITION PLUS scholarship will be required to pay for their living expenses before visa application.

16.)  Scholarship does not cover the cost of flight ticket to Canada

17.)  All student-members on scholarship will be mentored individually and collectively via the teachings of the Holy Bible and they must make themselves available for such training.

18.)  Scholarship can only be enjoyed if the Canadian embassy grants a Canadian study permit to our student member. In case if a student who has been awarded scholarship is denied Student visa by the Canadian embassy, we will keep the scholarship for the student and do another fresh visa application for the student. The student does not need to write another scholarship assessment. If the student is denied again, we will have no option than to transfer the scholarship to the next qualified student member.

19.)  You are only allowed to change your scholarship options before the First day of the scholarship assessment.

20.)  For those above 17 years old, in order to regularize the advantage of age, experience and maturity on the test, your actual score on the scholarship test shall be [100-[(Your Age-17)*1.5]% of your score.


C:  CASSOC Scholarship Assessment: CBT Examination Centre/Platform Arrangement

All candidates from all nations of the world who get validly registered as CASSOC student members can enjoy all the 7 groups of charitable benefits of CASSOC including Scholarships.  While doing the scholarship assessment is optional for student members who are not interested in our CASSOC scholarship, only students who participate in the annual scholarship assessment Computer-Based-Test (CBT) can qualify for any of our scholarships.

In this 2021 inaugural edition, the CASSOC Scholarship CBT Exam can be accessed by our registered student members from all nations of the world in 7 various venue options based on the following conditions:

  • IF you are IN Canada or Nigeria, you can choose one out of our 7 Exam Venue Options; comprising 6 CBT Exam On-Site Locations (3 in each country) and the Remotely Supervised Online Exam Platform (this 7th option, only if you have your OWN webcam and microphone-enabled non-mobile phone device with reliable strong internet connection).
  • IF you are in any other country OUTSIDE Canada and Nigeria, you need to choose “Remotely supervised Online Exam”.

However, CASSOC reserves the final right to assign you to any next available On-Site location or the remotely supervised online Exam platform to do the CBT, regardless of your choice, based on the prevailing administrative circumstances or future COVID-19 global situation.

The comprehensive list of the seven (7) CBT Exam Venue/Platform Options for the 2021 Scholarship Assessment, from which to choose one is as follows:

  • Welland, Ontario Canada
  • St Catharines, Ontario Canada
  • NOTL, Ontario Canada
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Abuja, Nigeria
  • Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Remotely Supervised Online Exam

All of the above Examination Centres/platforms are listed for your choice on the Student Membership Application Form, to be downloaded at the Student Registration page.