ACCOSAM understands that each prospective student has a unique set of needs and there are several academic programme options and kinds of educational institutions from which to choose. Hence, ACCOSM facilitates several admissions options in order to meet the educational needs of students from a variety of backgrounds.

Educational levels

Here are educational levels for which ACCOSAM helps her registered student members gain admission in Canada:

  • 1. High School programmes (GRADES 9-12 / Pre University Foundation)
  • 2. Post Secondary College programmes
  • 3. Undergraduate University programmes
  • 4. Post Graduate College programmes
  • 5. Post Graduate University masters programmes

 Students should review the options available to them and apply for the programme best suitable and that will best help them achieve their personal educational goals or seek further counseling for ACCOSAM for same.

Types Of Schools

ACCOSAM helps her membership-registered candidates gain and aid admission, to study a suitably chosen programme into a preferred Canadian school among the following school systems:

High Schools:

  • – Public Catholic schools
  • – Public Non-religious schools
  • – Private Christian Schools
  • – Private Non-religious Schools
  • – French Immersion Schools

Higher Educational Institutions:

  • – Post Secondary College, Undergraduate University, Post
  • – Graduate College and university masters’ admissions are all into Public Academic institutions.

NOTE: ACCOSAM student membership registration number grants the privileged access to view specific school names, unique admission conditions and fees in order to make a choice. If you are to get your ACCOSAM student membership number, click here NOW to procure yours, so as to commit your chosen school program application.