CASSOC Scholarship (2021 Edition) Window opens on January 15, 2021 and closes on April 15, 2021 |
OPEN TO ANYONE INTERESTED IN STUDYING IN CANADA – (from Ages 10 to 55 for Scholarships) |
7 Benefits of being a member of CASSOC: (1) Canadian Academic Scholarship based on Membership exam, (2) Free Admission processing, (3) Helpdesk access, (4) Discounted Visa and Immigration support, (5) Network with international students in Canada, (6) Mentoring virtually internationally and face-to face in Canada, and (7) Custodianship in Canada.

The CASSOC Vision

The vision of Christian Academic Scholarship Society of Canada (CASSOC) is to be a leading sponsor of foreign students from every nation into Canada for International education and to provide Godly mentoring to these students in order to breed a spiritual revival in Canada that will internally spread across the sectors of society and also externally to the nations of the world.

The CASSOC Mission

The mission of CASSOC is the provision of the most reliable Canadian school admission processes, scholarship opportunities and mentorship support services for international students via excellent mentoring programs that will simultaneously enhance their academic, career and Godly lifestyle advancement.

CASSOC Core Values


Academic Excellence

Beating the best and being the very best or first class scholastically


Godliness in Character

Discerning God’s right way from the wrong and remaining faithful to what is right in spite of enticing pulls to the contrary.



Peace of Mind

Calmness, tranquility, order, harmony and freedom from worry and anxiety.




Periodically inform and give updates to all our stakeholders especially parents/guardians




Questioning the status-quo, always striving to be better than we are. Continuous learning and improvement

Result-Oriented Service

Focused on delivery and desired service outcomes. Always having the clients’ satisfaction in mind



Christian Mentoring

Positive, supportive helping Christ-like relationships, encouraging people to develop to their fullest potentials and fulfill their God-given destinies




Principled, ethical and honest in all our dealings


Supernatural Success

Total fulfillment in chosen career and life through divine empowerment