What Is Homestay


International students in Canada have two legal options for accommodation. They can leave either with a Canadian family (homestay) or in a student residency (only available in boarding school). Even with the second option, all international students would still need a homestay in varying degrees, regardless of whether they attend a boarding or day school in Canada. Homestay involves providing accommodation, with or without meals (though most homestays do provide meals), to young international university or college students, or other international visitors, in return for a periodic payment.

A homestay is a more affordable type of accommodation, a safe and convenient place (a home away from home) for an international student to live in while studying Canada because unlike a boarding house or rental apartment, the student lives with a host family and experiences the new culture and language as a member of the family. If you are a day-school student a homestay is where you stay full-time. If you are a boarding school student, a homestay is where you stay in the school holidays.

Living with the host family provides an international student with an advantage of being home away from home while experiencing full immersion in English/French language and Canadian culture. International students often get their own private room (sometimes a shared room) with facilities provided by host families and meals are usually included—no really need to cook. How many meals per day you get will depend on the level of service you want. Many families also provide a desk and quiet place to study. Further, a homestay is an excellent opportunity to practice English outside of school: the student is completely immersed in the language that he or she is studying. In contrast, students living in an apartment with roommates who speak their same native language or in a dorm often don’t learn as much.

ACCOSAM has an integral homestay charitable program with carefully screened and aproaved host families. We ensure comfortable living conditions for our students and peace of mind for their parents.  ACCOSAM Homestay hosting is available to only Godly Canadian households of all types (families with or without kids, single parents, empty nesters or pensioners) who have spare bedrooms and are located within a reasonable travel time by direct public transport to major high schools, universities and other educational institutions across Canada. To secure one of our host families, please apply for your homestay service as soon as you are accepted to your school, college or university.

Benefits of Homestay:

Host families who welcome international students into their home:


  • – Grow their understanding of the world and its peoples
  • – Make life-long friendships
  • – Get to share the beauty of their home and community
  • – Ensure their local economy benefits from the booming international education industry
  • – Receive a considerate allowance to offset expenses


In fact, hosting an international student can be an eye-opening experience, providing exposure to people and places many of our hosts may never have the opportunity to visit first-hand. By becoming a host, you’ll experience a true cultural exchange, sharing knowledge of your culture whilst learning about the many different cultures represented by our students. Often hosts build lasting relationships with their students.

International students who live with Canadian families:


  • – Learn language and Canadian culture in a healthy, caring environment.
  • – Get a positive introduction to Canadian family life, which encourages many to apply for permanent residency after graduation.
  • – Become valuable future partners in trade, political relations and global leadership.
  • – Bring a broader world-view to their communities back home.