CASSOC Scholarship (2021 Edition) Window opens on January 15, 2021 and closes on April 15, 2021 |
OPEN TO ANYONE INTERESTED IN STUDYING IN CANADA – (from Ages 10 to 55 for Scholarships) |
7 Benefits of being a member of CASSOC: (1) Canadian Academic Scholarship based on Membership exam, (2) Free Admission processing, (3) Helpdesk access, (4) Discounted Visa and Immigration support, (5) Network with international students in Canada, (6) Mentoring virtually internationally and face-to face in Canada, and (7) Custodianship in Canada.

Canada has become one of the most favorite destinations for individuals who desire international education. Many Fraudsters are capitalizing on this need to swindle many desperate students. We have also noticed the high financial cost that many agencies charge applicants who want to study in Canada. Although Canada offers an indisputably world-class high-quality education and relatively cheaper tuition fees compared to other developed countries such as America, Australia and the UK, underprivileged international students yet lack the wherewithal to pay such tuition fees and even individuals and families who do not qualify as low-income can need assistance paying for tuitions. Very few parents are able and willing to pay full price for any college or school especially in a developed country. As a popular destination for international students with rich multiculturalism and an opportunity to remain in the country after graduation, there are lots of other challenges awaiting studying in Canada that require mentorship to become opportunities for academic success, career excellence and spiritual growth in the Christian journey and other benefits.

CASSOC provides solutions to these situations and we also offer more by providing scholarship opportunities and all-round mentoring to all our Student-members. CASSOC is a far Christian Charitable Means of immigrating to Canada for Academic purposes, in tandem with our motto: “Scholarship and Mentorship for Godly Revival”. It is very instructive to also note that CASSOC is fully Anti-Money Laundering /Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/ CFT) registered and compliant.


Christian Academic Scholarship Society of Canada (CASSOC) is a Not-For-Profit Organization in Canada that is licensed to Offer Academic Scholarships to selected student members of the organization. In addition to the scholarship scheme, all student members enjoy free admission processing, supportive visa applications, Godly mentoring and more.  CASSOC student membership also fosters the network of assistance between members both in Canada and abroad.


For the child you love, it is advisable that their journey to Canada begins with CASSOC. As a Christian outfit, we also mentor all our student members for academic success, career excellence, Godly lifestyle and spiritual growth in life at the various Canadian Schools. The location of our main office in Canada, enables us to mentor, follow-up and support your student members while they are in Canada. Parents will be able to call us and email us concerning the welfare of their minor student members with prompt response assured.

  • There are future Daniels (to Babylon), Josephs (to Egypt) and Nehemiahs (Jerusalem) that will need to travel to a different country to showcase their God-given destinies. CASSOC shall be enabled by the power and grace of God to identify these teenagers and sponsor them to Canada.
  • Do you know that thousands of students from godly minded homes travel abroad annually because of western education? Many of these innocent teenagers are usually caught by the wind of excessive freedom that civilization offers in Canada. The devil uses this as a trap to lure many of them into secret sins, habitual abominations, drug abuse, unruly behavior and sexually immoral tendencies.
  • Based on our dealings with students, especially the underage ones who confided in us; issues have ranged from masturbation, pornography, psychological stress, mood swings, unusual appeal towards same-sex ungodly relationship, peer pressure, drugs, sexual cuddling of animals, clubbing and excessive partying, indecent dressing e.t.c.
  • CASSOC was born out of a concern to salvage a perilous situation of students coming to Canada and abandoning or reducing the intensity of their walk in Christ. It is saddening how many new comers backslide from their Christian faith after arriving in Canada. It is pathetic as CASSOC has witnessed this happening over and over again. In 2016, we embarked on gaining School admissions for young students from Africa into Canadian academic institutions and we mentor these young students closely for academic success and also follow them up concerning spiritual growth in their daily walk with Jesus.
  • We are passionate about teenagers and young adults. Our desire is to earnestly prevent the kingdom of darkness from gaining grounds in their lives. A lot of people find it difficult handling teenagers, but CASSOC has special grace from God in this area. Our Director, Ayodeji Oluwole has had several years of experience mentoring Teenagers and Young adults from Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Cameroon, Uganda, Angola, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Jamaica, Haiti, India, Hong-Kong, U.K, U.S.A, Canada, e.t.c. Academic, Career, Immigration and Spiritual mentoring are his areas of expertise.
  • Our Director started out as the Leader of the Students’ fellowship at Tedem College in Imo State, Nigeria in 2006 and Teenagers’ Minister at Royal House Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in St. Catharines, Canada from 2013 to 2020. Currently, He preaches and mentors students from several Canadian High Schools and Universities. Our Director and his amiable wife are resident in Canada and collaborate with all parents to ensure students are trained up (not down) in the way they should go according to Proverbs 22:6.