The Canadian Government is always concerned that young international students (especially those who do not have family and or friends to support them in their studies and their social and community interaction in Canada) are safe.

According to Canadian law, such young international students under the age of minority who come to Canada to study, unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian, is required to have a custodian who makes sure the student receives care and support when needed, including in times of emergency. ACCOSAM as an NGO thus provides charitable custodianship services for all kinds of international students, particularly teenagers as required by the Canadian laws.

Consequently, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires that some persons (under 18, or 19 depending on the Province), applying for an initial Canadian Study Permit or renewal to have a Custodian, living in the local community in Canada who must complete and notarize Custodianship Declaration as part of Student Permit and Visa application process. The custodian, such ACCOSAM custodianship, remains on file with the Canadian Government as your child’s local representative. Please click here for more information. The ACCOSAM custodianship has custody of the student’s life in Canada and is the bridge and link between the student, the parent, the school, and the homestay family, while acting on behalf of parents. As a student custodian, ACCOSAM will make decisions on behalf of your parents, acting in loco parentis whilst they are un-available.

A custodian provided by ACCOSAM  is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident designated by parents to provide care and be responsible for their minor child while he/she studies in Canada.

Young international students can be accepted to a university or a college in Canada, but they will not be able to obtain a study permit without the required signed and notarized custodianship form. The Custodianship Declaration form is two in total, one is signed by the parents at the local notary office or the lawyer’s office, and the other is signed by the (ACCOSAM) custodian at the Canadian Notary Office:

1. Parent – A declaration completed by the parent in the country of origin, stating that arrangements have been made for a custodian to act in the place of the parent. This document must be notarized in the country of origin.

2. Custodian – A declaration completed by the (ACCOSAM) custodian who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 19 stating that arrangements have been made for the custodian to act in place of a parent in times of emergency. This document must be notarized in Canada.

ACCOSAM Custodianship is responsible that the students are properly treated by school and government officials. They are also responsible for informing parents of students’ status, subject to request.

Most parents cannot be physically present when their children need them the most – while dealing with cultural shock, getting used to different educational system and specifics of the curriculum. Very often international students find themselves confused with requirements of Canadian education system, and their parents find it difficult to guide and discipline over a long distance. ACCOSAM custodianship will monitor your child’s academic success and inform you about his/her study progress in Canada.. 

ACCOSAM Custodianship Duties:

Specifically, ACCOSAM Custodianship responsibilities among others include the following:

  • Ongoing communication with schools to make sure that students are on the right track with academic support;
  • Attendance at parent-teacher meetings;
  • Screening and arranging of homestay and transport for students
  • Establishing good communication with students and their assigned accredited host family;
  • Assisting students if they are ill or if other emergencies involving them arise, with 24/7 emergency care and support;
  • Ongoing communication with the homestay family to make sure homestay family is fulfilling its duties to students;
  • Assisting with opening bank accounts, purchasing a Compass card, and obtaining a pre-paid cell phone;
  • Informing students of services and amenities available in the area such as libraries, recreation and community centres, medical clinics, and shopping centres;
  • Assisting students with accessing medical services;
  • Signing school waivers, if required.
  • Be the person of contact regarding school issues such as attendance concerns and your academic progress;
  • Ensuring the student’s Medical Insurance coverage is in place and its premium payments are up to date;
  • Ongoing communication with parents of minor students;
  • Notarized ACCOSAM Custodianship Declaration by Notary Public
  • Monthly (or bi-weekly) meetings with the student; personalized mentoring support, if needed
  • Monitoring student’s movements (i.e. weekend trips and outings with peers); informing parents about student’s movements, if requested

The following are documents to help you with the Custodian Application Process:

The Custodian Form to be notarized by the parent and the Custodian

Sequentially, ACCOSAM custodianship covers pre-admission, admission and post-admission stages as in:

  • – Help  the student with gaining school admission and arrival in Canada
  • – During the school year:
  • – Serve as the official contact for the school in educational or behavioral matters
  • – Provide consent as needed by the school for academic programs and activities
  • – Attend parent-teacher interviews
  • – Send a copy of the report card to the teenage student’s parents
  • – Communicate with the teenage student’s parents
  • —- When needed:
  • – Advise parents immediately of any school issues that present a problem or concern
  • – Assist the student in finding medical care and the submission of medical insurance claims
  • —- If student is returning:
  • – Assist with renewal process for the next school year


To make it easier for students and parents( in case of  teenage students) to decide, ACCOSAM gives you freedom of choosing and upgrading between two custodianship-inclusive membership packages for international students attending any type of schools in Canada.

  • – Basic custodianship- inclusive student membership
  • – Premium custodianship- inclusive student membership


We have a rigorous process for evaluating and maintaining high quality families that love to host international students in their homes. All of our host families are visited on a regular basis and are screened thoroughly. We require our families to have insurance coverage and annual police background checks for the comfort and peace of mind of our students and parents.